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I'm just a laid back kind of guy, somewhat educated ... whose done several jobs over the course of his lifetime .. I've done retail management, massage therapy, spiritual-personal counseling, owned a jewelry / gift business , was a bounty hunter for awhile , did real estate investing / management , yet I always stayed with massage therapy and it served me well .... No complaints in over 40 years ...

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I Am Against Animal Cruelty

"broke His Knee Caps" Many years ago as I was returning home from a friends house ; I came upon a man beating a little German Shepherd Puppy about 6-8 months old . He has a stick and was wacking this dog all over .... [more]
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  • I Give Good Massages

    I Give A Da** Good Massage : I've done massage therapy for many years .... and specialize on males since I'm not going to pay for a female health aid to be around all of the time .... Over the last fifteen years; I j… [more]
  • I Am Very Disturbed By The Death Of Trayvon Martin

    It Should Not Have Happen: Ok; I think I will add my two cents to the Trayvon Martin conversation here .... Let's start off by saying that Trayvon was NOT an angel. He was caught in school with a bag of jewelry that did not bel… [more]
  • I Love Dancing In My Room

    My Exercise: There really isn't too much to tell, here .... every night I go into my room , close the door , and ***** down naked .... I then turn on some good rock 'n roll music and begin dancing , although the d… [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    Alone 'n Lonely: I was so used to have young people around here ; my nephew was in his early 20's .... although he lied, stole, and cheated quite a lot ; it was comfortable having someone around who was Family ... the… [more]