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I Am a Lesbian

Glass Closets I've always had an appreciation for the female form. Women, in all their many forms, are beautiful. I identify as a lesbian yet all my ex's are men. I've never felt an attraction to my boyfriends. My... [more]
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    Blood is thicker than water but bullshit is thicker than both
    I know its a silly little thing but sometimes when its quiet and I'm alone, I wish I could go back to my first home. I miss Autumn in Michigan with its fresh apple cider, cinnamon doughnuts, and the sweet rot of nature cut with cold to turn it crisp. I miss standing alone in the dark on bone marrow freezing nights, listening to winter's hushed silence and the oddly musical sound of snow falling. Its almost worth enduring the cold that comes to rest in the center of my being and refuses to leave, never allowing me to feel fully warm. I'd like to go back but some bridges cannot be rebuilt. About 10 years ago I left my home to get away from my abusive family and have had little contact since. T… [more]
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    Is creating your own religion really so wrong?
    My family tried to raise me Apostolic Lutheran but it never set right with me. It just doesn't make sense that the world was created by a man instead of born from a woman. I started looking for a new religion when I was 10. I researched religions, attended different churches but still couldn't find anything I could connect with. Out of frustration, I took what I had learned and spent a good five years creating a religion of my own. I've done my best to avoid talking about my beliefs. I'm not trying to convert anyone and I get embarrassed when faced with other people's questions. I worry that my answers won't be intelligent enough, that my friends will think less of me. I believe that when th… [more]