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I Want You To Write A Short Play Right Here Right Now

~The Sisters~ Kimberly: (13 year old, sister: Chelsea) Chelsea (13 year old, sister: Kimberly) (Setting: 7:30 PM, Summertime in Connecticut, 2 Sisters Are In Their Room Together Watching Their... [more]
  • I Want A Pomeranian

    Rocco 2 This was impossible. "Girls its no big deal!" My mom said lighting about seven candles. All of this and Michelle is at camp! I yelled. It's no fair! I thought of Michelle probably at the lake swimming… [more]
  • I Like Pancakes

    Pancakes My dream breakfast is to have three pancakes with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and butter. If you could make one what would it be? Best one wins and gets a gift from me Riah<3 xD… [more]
  • I Want To Know 50 Things About You

    Or At Least 10 1. Since I was 5 I always wanted blond hair. 2. At school people think I'm not normal but even if they do I think it's okay to be different. 3. If I woke up as a boy my name … [more]
  • I Want A Pomeranian

    Rocco 3 My eyes glittered helplessly with tears when I found out that my grandmotherspower had also cut off. "Well it's impossible to drive in this weather so we will just have to call your mother and let her… [more]