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Hey, just checking this place out. Don't be shy to say hi! My height is 205cm - barefoot. Most doors are 198cm tall. ;) I sometimes find it hard to get clothes that really fit me. I finally got a hawt leather jacket last year that fits my body. It's so cool!

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I Love Tall Men

Hey I'm Tall! Hey there, I'm Richie. I'm about 6ft8-6ft10 and it's so cool! Hope it's ok for me to be on this page. I've got some cool pics of me comparing myself to doors etc. Maybe I can post some... [more]
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  • I Dress In Leather

    Well I Got Some Pvc Trousers, Not Leather... So I got a new pair of rock star pvc trousers, but trying to find girls who dig them, cos I think they rock! Amazingly, they're pretty much long enough for my 36" inside seam legs! Unfortunately, they… [more]
  • I Like Tall Guys

    I Am So Tall Hey, just wanted to say hi to those who like tall guys. I enjoy being 6ft8, except when it's hard to find a good pair of leather trousers that are quite long enough for me... Richie… [more]
  • I Have a Leather Jacket

    Tall Guy In Leather Jaket Really like my leather jacket, only wish it fitted me better cos I'm slim and 6ft8. I wanna get a tight leather jacket that's also long enough for my arms. I wanna get a dark green one (the same colou… [more]