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1 day to go..hello Xmas Break :D

Feel free to say that I'm undefined because it's actually me. As you can see I have some of my stories posted several times on different groups. I'm posting them for how may times not to have many tokens but to seek for some opinions and advises.

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I Want to Share 100 Things About Me

I'm Not An Interesting Person... See It For Yourself :p I'm not organized with my ideas when it comes to writing. It's like riding a roller coaster- there's a sudden up and an abruptly down and exciting loops haha. Hope you get thrilled ( I just don't... [more]
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    Even Just A Message Will Make Me Feel That You Still Care About Me :( Let Me Feel It *the sequel of my story:¬†She's the Reason Why I Always Get Sad :( I'm so sad that this keeps on happening..... no messages from her even I have sent her a lot of messages. She said … [more]