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hello my name is Tori. i am a pretty laid back person.. i'd consider my self easy to talk to. i laugh a lot and i love good humor, even though i prefer odd humor, any humor is better than none. :)

i like to listen to music, draw, play with cats, go on adventures, and watch old cartoons. :)

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Books Gamer girl, Junie b. jones
Music Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alanis Morissette, Kings of leon, (old school)Korn, Ray Lemontagne, The Cranberries, John mayer, The strokes, The Kooks... good music in general.. XD
Movies Tim and eric awesome show, Jeffery and cole casserole, Viva La Bam, A clockwork Orange, Step brothers, jackass movies,scott pilgrum VS the world,,nacho libre, napoleon dynamite,, Easy A, Juno,
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it would be jack black, he is hillarious. :) [more]
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