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“About me”… Isn’t it one of the blandest questions? And yet it has always been the only statement that leaves me to ponder with immense perplexity. There are characters portrayed of us in our mind which most probably we decide to be “About me” by what the mortals, living with us frequently tell us of what- we are. But I shall genuinely compose something “about me”, not what I’ve been heard of me.
I am still unsure of what color is my favorite. It keeps changing. Frequently. But for now it’s Lavender. I love horror movies, I hate romantic ones. Maybe I secretly do adore romantic ones, though. I like to have authority, but I am not the bossy b***** species. Because I personally hate that character, hence I follow what I preach. I do not have a boyfriend, I believe strictly in “age bar”, and my patience shall bear it’s fruit… alright! If bluntly put- I believe God will bestow upon me a “hypothetical (perfect)” lover if I control my hormones by choice, not lack of opportunities!
I do not have a pet, but DIENG to own one. I am a jubilant soul, when my environment isn’t disturbed or perhaps when I’m in my stable mood. Otherwise I’m reserved. It would sound sexy if I said “mysterious”, but I know I am bound to feel like a fool once I’ve typed it directly. So it’s better to stay dumb. The best way I could and will ever be able to express myself is only and only by-writing. There has never been an alternative. It makes me explore my unfathomable thoughts even more clearly. I love to act “know-it-all”, and be one… but umm well I don’t really live up to it. I love travelling. My secret wish is to be a badminton player. Though I wanted to be a Disney star too, until hmm… 10th grade ofcourse. So that’s all I think of for now. That’s shall be more than enough. I hate flowers! I love stationeries…the smell of the brand new ones!

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