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RELIGIOUS!!! My photos speaks much abt me..well it shows my LIFE.....the ONE or the ONLY ONE i believe in.! no more to say! THANKS FOR HEARING ME OUT MY LORD!!!!

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I Think About God All the Time

Why Stay Alone??? Never!!! I dont understand why people die staying alone all the time....feeling so very lonely inside their hearts....feeling as if nobody cares for them!! That's wrong! Its totally foolish.  Nobody... [more]
  • I Think About God All the Time

    Why Do We Have To Think Of God All The Time???? Well..talkin abt the Lord...the one who brought us here....who protects us every second....who feeds us time to time n leads us to the right thing.....when all of them whom we call MY PEOPLE cheat ove… [more]
  • I Want to Talk About Religion Peacefully

    Doubt Over The Truth Of Religions?? Well, we all are actually from different religion n caste....over all this i totally agree that each religion preaches its own way of reaching our Lord...but then a person who is actually reading al… [more]
  • I Want God At the Center of My Life

    Wonder Why We Still Suffer When God Is With Us? We all believe in God...we  all pray Him at times of trouble to help us out n keep us happy? N not just most, but all of the time He answers our prayers. But it does sometimes happen that though how … [more]