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I Hate My Sister

I Really Dislike My Sister So as the title suggest, I really dislike my sister. Everything she does really annoys me yet deep down I still love her. I got married recently & didn't want her to come. On the morning of our... [more]
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  • I Dont Know What to Do With My Life

    I Dont Know What To Do With My Life I am 26 almost 27 years old and dont know what to do with my life. It is really ruining my life because whilst I feel like everyone else is getting ahead I am stuck in limbo. … [more]
  • I Suffer From Avoidant Personality Disorder

    Avoidant Personality Disorder Avoidant personality disorder is something that I suffer from. I started noticing changes in my personality a while back and it has gone on for a couple of years now. Some suffer from it really bad wh… [more]
  • I Always Being Confused

    I Am Always In A State Of Confusion Hello, Not sure where to even start with this story today which is ironic considering that it is based on me always being confused and not knowing what to do next. So ill … [more]
  • I Have A Skin Disorder

    Dermatographic Urticaria Just like 4-5% of the population I suffer from dermagraphism which is a skin disorder. Thi is when the skin becomes raised and inflamed when stroked, scratched, rubbed and sometimes even slapped.… [more]