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I Hate The Changes On Ep

Changes On EP can't see if your friends are online without going to another screen other than from messages  can't look up past messages   if you accidently delete one it's gone forever  no way to look back... [more]
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  • I Wish I Had One Real Friend

    Can You Have To Many Friends? I think you can,I have been on social networking sites where I ended up with thousands of so called friends.It is very had to find a good friend who you can share all with,opening up and really being … [more]
  • I Wish I Had One Real Friend

    I Have A Bad Painful Disease it is a harmful condition or situation,,and would not wish it on anyone,,,the proper term to describe this condition is called,,Lackanookie,,the only way for this condition to be resolved,is to make m… [more]
  • I Am Promiscous Online Only

    Online Only you never know what you may catch offline,,,,,we all need some relief,,getting off online together ,,could lead to more,,… [more]
  • I Dont Care About How Old You Are

    Age Is Just A Number if someone is old enough to write,,have feeling's ,and no one to open up to and vent with,,they should be able to find that comfort with any age person that understands them,… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    Today is a new day,a day to enjoy what we do have,,and hope for tomorrow,Tomorrow is not hear yet so there is no reason to worry about it,,it don't exsist yet,,The past is gone,no way of ever getting it back,,it's just gone,,we can learn from the past trying not to do the mistakes from the past,,,no reason to be controled by the past it's over and done with,,Today is a new day to enjoy life,living it to the fullest,enjoyong it ,haveing fun,doing good to others,seek adventure and excitment you have desired that you keep putting off untill tomorow,,Sieze the day and all it has to offer and get one thing done at a time ,according to your priority list,mark them off one by one,,today is day for … [more]