Female , 31-35

I'm a very quiet person. I think - a lot about everything.
I love to write, one day, maybe for money - more than a couple dollars would be nice.

I have Bipolar II Disorder, and also a physical disability, called Cerebral Palsy. (I got lucky, it's fairly mild)
I love reading, history, science, documentaries, & culture to name a few things.

I'm looking to expand my circle. I love meeting interesting people.

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  • 100% Canadian
Horoscope Aquarius
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Books HP series, His Dark Materials, Mists of Avalon, Hitchhikers Guide.. to name a few
Music classical, rock, industrial, folk.. a bit of everything
Movies Pan's Labyrinth, Nightmare Before Christmas,
Local Time June 3rd, 8:23 AM

I Am Starting Over

Starting Over, Finding My Path I'm starting over, looking for the place I call home for the first time in my adult life.Everywhere I have lived before was just a place to eat and sleep and kinda hang out. It never really felt... [more]
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  • I Like Older Men

    I'm Not Ashamed Of It.. I like older men, and it's always just been part of who I am.  Everyone who has ever known me, knows it and they just see it as me.I like older men because they have experience, stories to shar… [more]
  • I bit the bullet..

    Posted on: August 31st, 2011 at 10:41PM

    I finally did it. Bit the bullet and did what I needed to do to finally be at least a little bit happy. I gave my notice to get out of this inaccessible, pit of despair that I can an apartment. I've also let everyone know, that I'm leaving come November when I find an apartment in Kitchener that's suitable. I've gotten in contact with people from Kitchener to try to get some help, hopefully it will pan out. I've also put my own ad on Kijiji on top of checking it daily. I am honestly so excited to get out of this god forsaken city.It has the potential to offer me so much more then Niagara and to be honest I won't miss it for a second. It's not going to be easy but it will make me happier than… [more]


  • It's been one of those weeks..

    Posted on: July 27th, 2011 at 8:23PM

    Sometimes, I can not stand being me.  Not all the time, but sometimes it's a real pain in the arse.I haven't sucked it up and dealt with the confrontation I have coming however we did have a conversation about everything.He took it a lot better than I thought he would. However, this **** of him acting like he is 12 is getting on my nerves and its not like I haven't said that so I can see that coming to a head soon.That and I am still on the back burner and ya know, screw that.Done with that and I told him it had to change and it hasn't.I'm sorry, you decide to let someone other than you control your actions at your age then there are bigger problems at play here.It's recently come to light, … [more]


  • 2 new goals

    Posted on: July 18th, 2011 at 9:20PM

    I've made a few new goals for myself.  Some that I need to do  ASAP and one long term goal. I need to suck it up, face the up and coming confrontation, that is going to occur.  I've decided the only way I can go forward with my life, and the changes I want to make are by leaving certain people behind. Sad to say, but I look forward to the fact there will be a lot less BS to deal with.   No one should ever let their drama land on someone else's doorstep. It's going to be a lot quieter, a lot lonelier for awhile, and a lot harder but the payout in the end will be worth it. I know, I will be so much happier. Now if only the stress of confrontation and dealing with it, didn't land me in bed for … [more]


  • I don't believe in love

    Posted on: August 4th, 2011 at 12:25AM

    I have a hard time believing in love.  Not because of some dark, secret from my past.  But because I am not sure there is someone out there who can be what I need.Not anymore.I am 32; I have cerebral palsy, a disability that affects my legs.  When I am not going about unaided I rely on a manual chair, a cane or a scooter.I am bipolar, medicated, thankfully so I am not as moody and unmanageable but I still have my days.I am also allergic to gluten (wheat, grains) and going through menopause.It’s not that I think I am unlovable or anything like that.  My confidence may be bad but it is not that bad.I generally like myself, as a person. I worked hard to get where I am – and it was my work and m… [more]