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I Write Satanicspells For Others

A Spell For Submissiveness (Satanic) In this spell I am going to raise 4 Daemons.Bathe the day of the spell, it will empower you.Six Black CandlesSix Centaury FlowersSix StrawberriesDog Lead [more]
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  • I Made A Pact With The Devil

    Made Pact With Devil in my past i was involved in satanic worship i made a pact with devil in a ceremony even though that was a long time ago i still feel a connection between me and the devil i had lot **** happened to m… [more]
  • I Am a Psychopath

    Aileen Wuornos - Seial Killer Or Victim Of A Brutal Justice System? Was Aileen Wuornos a monster or a victim of a barbaric criminal system?    Her childhood was not a good one. She was born Feb. 29th 1956, in Michigan, USA, her mother an… [more]
  • I Am a Child Abuse Survivor

    Thoughts my life is so hard i cant stop thinking the past i feeling the hurt the pain again i dont no why my … [more]
  • I Have Been to a Mental Hospital

    First Time In Mental Hospital  … [more]