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I Have a Confession

We broke up (I broke up with her...) like MONTHS ago. I've almost taken her back three times. She's had 3 (maybe 4, I don't really keep track for obvious reasons) boyfriends since the breakup... and I... [more]
  • I Am a Pisces

    Pisces = Too Lazy For A Tittle I'm a too the letter pisces sometimes. But we fish are never one sided. Madly in love with every girl I meet. And I'm kinda glad I stumbled across this group.… [more]
  • I Always Have Little Crushes On People

    I Just Want To Have Real Feelings For Someone It seem like every other girl I meet ends up being some kind of a crush. She's either sweet, or has a pretty smile, or blinks in a way I find extremely cute. For a week or two she'll be the most am… [more]