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My Id is robertmcdouglas and I travel a lot and usually chat at night, on yhoo, with my wife, but would welcome others. be friendly! [more]
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    Lonely, On the Road, Why?
    I travel A Lot for business. I used to love it, have seen much of the world. When I was younger, really took advantage and got out to see stuff. Now, I am older and on the road even more. Away from wife and kids a lot. Bored and lonely, as you can probably hear in my voice. Technology makes it easier, can chat online or text with friends and family but in some ways, it makes it all worse. Why do I bother? Is it really for money? Career ambition? Am I scared to see what it would be like to be home all time?… [more]
  • Health Confessions

    I am a healthy eater...
    I know its weird to confess to good habits but I like to give people the impression that I eat badly when I don't. While I do eat at McD's or KFC once a week (and make a show of it), I have plain water-based oatmeal with blueberries for breakfast with a bannana everyday. I snack on fruit. Have a tuna or salmon sandwich, no mayo, with tomoto and lettuce on wheat for lunch. For dinner, my wife is a healthy cooker. My weakness is alcohol but even there, I dont think I am excessive. I don't like sweets/dessert and am happy with plain popcorn over chips etc. … [more]
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    I bought dinner for strangers
    I was in a beer garden and a group of four people were nice enough to share their picnic table with me. I was alone and reading. One of the four was visibly annoyed with me but as a group, they were nice. I eavesdropped a little and they were public school teachers and I could see they were being careful with what they ordered, sharing plates etc. So when I left, I asked the server for their bill and paid it, with tip. I never went back and saw their reaction. I don't want to tell my wife or she may be upset for not being frugal or friends who may think I am weird. But it makes me giddy with pleasure that I did it and wanted to tell someone...… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Marriage Concerns
    I have written before about my constant work travel and I can see now that it is taking a toll on my marriage. Me always being away has resulted in both of us adapting to life without each other. When we are together, there is now a bit of coldness, I feel. It causes a mix of emotions. Sometimes I try too hard to overcompensate when I am there, especially with children, but it makes me feel false. At the same time, I dont feel like I have natural authority at home, either, like I am a guest. I think she is lonely and I feel guilt about that. She doesnt want to consider counseling but I really think we could both use someone neutral to talk with.… [more]