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I value the idea that I will only ever experience my own view of the Universe, that I am free to build it for myself and from my own imagination if I wish. That as a human I am selfishly inclined to seek my own reward. I do however accept compromises and as a result don't really ever get angry or annoyed. Unless I choose to, usually because I'd find it funny. But there's no point getting angry over spilled milk or somebody who has thrown my cat, or milk for that matter, off a bridge, as I feel my world matches no-one elses completely.

I feel well-traveled already. I have studied Music Technology + Music Business, Art, and Visual Arts and Performance in Music. I feel good if I paint, draw cartoons, make films, write music, write articles, write comedy. I essentially love everything, but at the same time, everything can frustrate me. I'm very approachable, I'll happily listen to anyone.

I don't drink, flapjack has endless appeal to me. I act endlessly upon the world around me, as I enjoy playing with these jumbles of atoms scattered around me. I feel that I have license to do so because A- I wish to grant it to myself and others, B- I feel that I will not know in my lifetime if this is pure meaninglessness and C- It appears to give myself and others a sense of existence and that's pretty fun.

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  • a little French
  • and a little English
Vices Cigarettes. Flapjack.
Horoscope Virgo
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Books Funny ones, philosophy ones, science ones and sometimes ones with pictures.
Music Rock, Indie, Folk, Rap, Classical, just don't really enjoy happy hardcore, etc. Not wiping out Dance music completely though. Seems I enjoy a lot.
Movies I Heart Huckabees, Amelie, Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind, Mullholland Drive, Requiem For A Dream, Donnie Darko, Melancholia, Anchorman, Into The Wild, Baraka. I will tell more another day.
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