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I Want To Give Free Tarot-oracle Card Readings For Practice

Hello I had a friend who got really great at Tarot readings and how he learned (Practice) Was to read for people that where in the news all the time so he could check how on of off he was it worked for him... [more]
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  • I Am Depressed

    Sun And Depression-------- Geomagnetic storms are periods of high geomagnetic activity. Their effect on people has been linked to clinical depression. Could our body’s magnetosphere be picking up on earth changes which a… [more]
  • I Find God Everywhere

    God What And Who Is God God is Everything or God is NothingIt all started with God their was nothing and everything was their.Bang----------Clouds of gas vast clouds of gas and this was now also God.The gas… [more]
  • I Believe 2012 Will Be The Age Of Enlightenment

    Welcome To The 6th Age Of Man Today is day one in the 6th age of man. We age now just past the center of the disk of the plane as the Mayan Calendar long count is based on. What will the mass consciousness of man bring in this … [more]
  • I Believe God Can Stop And Prevent Sufferings, But Does Not

    God And Suffering How can God give free will and then make you do things to end your suffering to do so God would have to make you and others do the right thing for What you sow you shall reap as the same with karma so… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I believe what can not be seen
    OK I do believe in what can not be seen so many say if I can not see it I do not believe it and yet they believe in science and 1/2 or more of science can not be seen Dark matter or dark energy even so many things in our solar system can not be seen! Even the core of the earth can not be seen most of what we know of the universe can not be seen only worked out with math and has to be changed all the time but yet they believe it so blindly LOL I believe in things that can prove themselves to me! That I can feel sense or otherwise discern to be true:-) If you have felt or experienced a thing then a believer maybe you will be:-)… [more]