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Im random; im funny; im serious; LOL: Sex can be beautiful;Im a fairly good Writer and I Love Rock Music!! Fluck Ya!!

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I Wanna Go Back In Time Jus For One Day, How About You And Whe

Theres Actually Alot One would be to go back to Nov.22 1963 the place-Dallas,Texas, President John F. Kennedy has just gotten off the plane from Washinton D.C. I some how find my way to get to shake his hand... [more]
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  • Health Confessions

    Ok my 1st Confession!! (plz don't judge me to harsh)
    Okay, it all started back in early March of 2006, I got into a car accident with my father, i broke my right leg and hurt my back bad. I was given pain meds at the hospital and after i was finally discharged i was given a script of Percocet for the pain. At first i was really hesitated to take them at all (supposely i'm allergic to codeine) I would split the pill in half and take that. My leg eventually healed after a long time at PT-physical therapy, but my back pain continued for a long time. I continued taking the percocet,now taking one whole pill once or twice a day. It certainly did take away the pain and i was kinda feeling a little buzzed to,i have to admit. When my script ran out o… [more]

    Posted on: December 3rd, 2009 at 7:37PM

    Baby, i really don't wanna lose you Can we really give it another try, Or are we just kidding ourselves But i don't wanna say goodbye. Cause we were starting to get close But with our distance apart, I knew that would play a part in it Oh baby, you're really still in my heart. So where do we go from here Is the burning question in my mind, I really thought we had something special Something special that's hard to find. Well in closing i hope we can be at least friends, Because i'd really like that But with you, I guess that all depends, (on what you really want?)… [more]



    Posted on: May 19th, 2010 at 5:36PM

    I Just thought everything was okay, Well for the time being anyway. But i just didnt see it coming Damn, if only i could of sensed the pain you were feeling I tried to call you on the phone But i was just a bit too late, Then to learn the following week That you met your untimely fate. I wish you could of just given me Just some kind of a clue, (now i know you did) Because we were about to get together Well i didn't know, But you knew you were through. Well, the great times we had I'll always remember for ever, Like last month on our fishing trip I knew u could fish a whole lot better. But there's only one thing bud I can't deal with the fact,you're really gone, Man, i knew life was hard … [more]


  • This aint no Songpoem

    Posted on: February 13th, 2010 at 9:18PM

    Was waiting on my Grandparents decision to see if i could move in with them, down in warm,sunny florida.Well after like weeks and weeks of waiting, I finally got their decision and it wasn't what i wanted to hear damn!! They feel i should wait until after i graduate in May of this year..Yes i know it's only 3 months away, but still no one knows what it's like to live in this damn house of misery and chaos!! I don't know if i'll be able to make it seriously it's that ****** bad here..Wish i could like stay some where until May arrives, any where but here. I know no one really cares about all the **** i go through day in and day out. The yelling, the put downs and the smacks and punches. I … [more]



    Posted on: May 17th, 2010 at 4:30PM

    What's the reason of getting up in the morning What's the purpose of living day to day, Well, listen to what i have to say. What would it be like to live without Tv, music or wine, What would it be like to be deaf, crippled or blind. What would life be like without cars, planes or trains What would life be like without murder, rape or robbery What would it be like without drugs, God or greed What would it be like without hate, hurt or depression Well i don't know Cause this world will never stop having these things Why do these things occur What are we really living for Peace, hope and understanding When we kill each other When we hurt each other When we steal from each othe… [more]