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i'm open minded and believe in equality and gender free world where every thing is unisex and everyone is treated equal

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Favorite Quote to each his own i beleave in equality and freedom for all and both sexes
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I Have a Confession

the cards that you deal yourself  in life i lived 35  years on the tough side of life ,, i wore my favorite  clothing with no problem ..when i turned 35 i started braking out in a rash i didn't... [more]
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  • I A Backpacker

    I Have Been Backpacking Scents I Was 16 Years Old i started backpacking when i was 16 i have hiked and backpacked in almost every state in the usa … [more]
  • I Im Looking For A Woods To Live In

    Return To A Simple Life give me a cabin in the woods where the trees are tall where the wind blows . give me a place to call home give me a place to lay my weary head ,,,a place to walk a place to talk a place to be alone..… [more]
  • I My Wifes A Crossdresser

    What To Wear my wife shops for all her clothing in the mes department she said that she more comfortable in them … [more]
  • I The Right To Express

    What Does It Matter i sit hear reading all these questions and stores and looking at profiles and i see that people say there open mind and up for new things and yet these people are the ones knocking others for exp… [more]
  • life

    Posted on: August 17th, 2011 at 4:39AM

    as i walk thro life i see many things .. feel many things i hurt, i cry , i love ,and laugh. i fear no evil (altho i see it everyday) i have my rod and staff to comfort me( todays its a gun and knife) . but the big ? is why cant we all just be friends... and stop all the hate in the world as i see it there is no rhyme or reason for a lot of stuff .. we are killing are world ,, does anyone care? it dont look like it … [more]


  • return to a simple life

    Posted on: November 1st, 2011 at 6:35PM

    give me a cabin in the woods where the trees are tall where the wind blows . give me a place to call home give me a place to lay my weary head ,,,a place to walk a place to talk a place to be alone.. give me a place where i can be me give me a place to be free give me a place i can see...give me a place where the streams run clear give me a simple life give me what we lost a simple life a small cabin in the woods were i can just be me … [more]


  • born to be

    Posted on: August 17th, 2011 at 9:10AM

    born to be. let me see .. there are so many thing to be . but a Mountain man i be , a lot better then a city man i think. only taking from the land what you need and no more. feeling the wind and the rain looking in to the sky to the moon and stars. having no wants and very little needs . a simply way of life . a Mountain man is the way for me for what i can see.… [more]


  • love

    Posted on: April 3rd, 2012 at 5:17AM

    im going to start this off with a 3 words  i love you   this words carry more power then a bomb ,, this words are the most miss understood word we use today .. again this note was brought on by a post. name with held . i have not ask her if i could use her name .. anyway this post makes you think .. and it shows how close mind people are .. yet it shows hope for some,, to love with out judgement  with out restriction  why is it that we cant do that ... love is genderless  and has no borders  but yet  some people find it in there mind to put up borders  and stop signs  don't go there..  a mouth or so ago Carrie  said  or ask a question  why ,, why cant you have more then one spouse , who said… [more]