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21 year old from the UK. If you fancy a chat then just send me a message!

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I Keep a Dream Journal

I've tried keeping a dream journal before but I soon lost interest and motivation. Recently I bought a little A5 note pad (a nice moleskine one) and I've been writing in it for the past few days. At... [more]
  • I Think Too Much

    I often wonder if there's something wrong with me. Is my imagination TOO vivid? I'm always playing scenarios over in my head, analysing the possible outcomes. I sometimes imagine really abstract thing… [more]
  • I Am Lonely

    Not lonely in the sense that I don't have anyone around me. I have a relatively small, close-knit group of friends who are always there for me, and a loving family. But despite having friends, even li… [more]
  • I Am Agnostic

    I've been around religion (specifically Christianity) almost my whole life. None of my family is religious but I've had multiple friends with Christian families, and I went to Boys' Brigade as a kid. … [more]