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I am doing this to work on my motivation and just on my life in general. I have let it take a not so good path the past few years. I want to change that...maybe this will help..

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I Think People Are Too Quick To Judge

And Honestly... sometimes I am too...I try to catch myself though and think about it in a different way or put myself in that person's shoes etc... But in this society that we grow up in its like we are almost... [more]
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    There Have Been So Many You know whats funny...even when I was in my very early teens  I just knew I had an addictive personality.   I have had and still have addictions. Although I cannot complain about my lif… [more]
  • I Recycle

    I Really Try To Do My Best Not To Be Wasteful Although honestly I haven't always been like this. I started noticing the past few years that I try to be more conscious with recycling and stuff. RIght now I live with my sister, her fiancé and an… [more]
  • I Have Rescued a Dog

    I Have Rescued A Dog While Going To Get...umm..stuff So this happened around around 2003..I was 23 years old. I am going to be totally honest with this story and how I came about to bring home a dog lol Growing up we always had animals in the h… [more]
  • I Know the Meaning of My Name

    Romina Well this is probably going to be the shortest story ever lol Hey my name is Romina. I never met a Romina when I was growing up (which is USA east coast near NYC) and people had such a hard time… [more]