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I Battle Depression

Depression This is something I go tough every day .a year in a half ago ,I went tough a divorce . I thought he and I would be together forever . I thought are love was strong enough to Handel... [more]
  • I Did Not Want This Divorce

    What If I meet my husband in 2000 .i spent almost every day with him .i fell in love ,and so did he .we married in 2003 .i lived my life around him what ever he wanted .we divorced in 2012 .i know what I did… [more]
  • I Am Getting a Divorce

    In 7 Days After 8 1/2 years of marriage and two years together .i never would have thought he would leave .i wanted counseling he doesn't . I always put him 1st ,what ever he wanted .than we had a blow up 1st o… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I still love him
    It's been over a year now . I still cry over my divorce . I fell like I will never love anyone , The way i still love my ex husband . Even tough he has moved on . I can't seem to take the next step. I don't want to date any one . I still feel like my ex is the one and only . If anyone has any advise on what I can do . I know I need help ,to e able to let go . I know I need to move on ,but I have no ideal how too.… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Final today.
    Today are divorce was final .i prayed every day You would change you mind .i love you d.... With all My heart and I always will .today when the judge Ask me if I wanted the divorce ,and I said no. But I give him what he wants .why did you get Up set saying I made you feel like a heel. I told the truth .im sorry I could not lie and say I wanted one .I love you always and wish you Happiness .… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I can't say good bye .
    I love you so much .even tho you stoped loving Me .you said you felt like I was a roommate. So you divorced me .i still can't say good bye . I think of are wedding day .i think of Are dreams .i never loved any one like You .after are divorce ,you said you had No where to go .so loving you like I do. I offer you a place untill you can find one. So here Iam sharing a home with you . Knowing you will move out soon . Why can't I say good bye .People say you just Using me .d.... I will always love you . I just want you to be happy .so I gave you The divorce .even tho the judge said I could have stoped it for a while anyway . For counseling .i knew you didn't want that you Made that clear .… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Loving you always .
    Here I am again watching you sleep . I think about the years we spent Together .i can't help but smile . You say your not happy with me . That you need to go .are divorce will be final In two weeks .your say your just here Untill you have the money to leave . I tell you that I love you .you can stay here Untill you find a place .you tell me not to say I love you ,it makes you feel uncomfortable . So I watch you sleep and say I love you . In my mind .wow I never thought that I could Love some one so much ,If letting you go Makes you happy than yes I,ll set you free . Just knowing that your happy with out me . That you will be ok .makes me feel better . I still cry because ,I lost your lo… [more]