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I Used to Be Fat

Yep Ive always had weight problems, my heaviest was about 230 pounds. Anyway i was like many people and wanted quick fixes so that's why the weight never really came off and if it did it didn't stay off... [more]
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  • I Have No Friends

    I Don't Care For Them For the majority of my life i have been a loner , in school i was really quiet and shy so i didn't go and approach people like other kids did. It was the same through out elementary, middle and high s… [more]
  • I Survived My Suicide Attempt

    Wish I Hadn't 3 yrs ago i decided that life wasn't worth living anymore. I blocked everything out and overdosed on anti depressants. Strangely about a minute or so after i drank them all down my ex boyfriend called… [more]
  • I Miss My Ex-boyfriend

    I Dont Know Why I Miss Him Me and my ex broke up 3 and a half years ago, i havent talked to him or had any contact with him since then. I cannot understand why i still miss him. it could be because he was the first man i was ev… [more]
  • I Know Someone Who Committed Suicide

    Nikki My friend Nikki commited suicide on November 24, 2008 at the age of 14. She suffered from depression for about 3 years before it happened, her dad was a psychiatrist as well. I didn't find out that it… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    im in love with my friend
    i am in love with my friend of 5 years.... we have never been able to be together usually because of bad timing...... he has a gf when im single or vice versa.... Anyway i find myself thinking about him alot but im in a relationship, it makes me feel horrible to think about him when i hae such a nice boyfriend. He told me last week that he still loves me and i cant get that out of my head... just needed to vent… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I dont love my boyfriend anymore
    i am not in love with my boyfriend anymore. He's been great to me and he quite obviously loves me.. but i cannot return those feelings anymore. For the past year ive been spiraling down into more and more depression so much that i cannot understand how i cope with it everyday. Im depressed and suicidal every single day and i put him through it with me and he's still here. Im so scared to tell him that i want to end our relationship but i dont know how, i dont want to hurt him but im hurting me and him by keeping my mouth shut. I am suicidal and i dont want to hurt him in that way either, i want us to remain friends if it's possible but i dont know how to go about doing this. Im having a terr… [more]