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I Am The Other Woman

In my last post I've stated that MM & I were over. I've stayed away from EP because I was a bit ashamed to say that 2 weeks later we were back together. It's kind of hard when you have no support from... [more]
  • I Am The Other Woman

    Yesterday I've rejoined EP to get others stories & to simply share mine. I never thought that today I'd be telling my MM that it's over. I told him that I needed to break from him but I'm not sure if … [more]
  • I Am The Other Woman

    He Stole My Heart & I Can't Get It Back As of now I cry more than I smile, My lonely nights are much longer than my crappy days! I'll try to make this as SHORT as possible. We met at my Job (typical) he flirted for 2 weeks && than Finally a… [more]
  • I Have Social Phobia

    Living In Misery :( Need Help Hi, I'm 22 years old. Ive recently discovered that I too have social Phobia. I was always Shy as a kid but I didn't think it was more than shyness. Until I've actually got older an had to do things on… [more]
  • I Am The Other Woman

    I desperately need to end things with my MM 3 years too long. I've tried to stop many times in the past, but I can't. I love him deeply & I couldn't imagine not having him in my life.… [more]