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I Want To Know What You Wear When You Sleep

Well... what a funny question! it varies really, on my own...singlet, undies. if its winter singlet, undies, pj pants. If its with someone ive slept with naked, its always accelerating to cover sections of my... [more]
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  • The post modern mask

    Posted on: July 10th, 2011 at 6:50AM

    i can only imagine that almost innumerable beliefs and opinions we all have developed in human history. Philosophers, scientists,  atheists, nudists, Christians, rednecks, German Nazis, old elderly French a vast variety of ideas, concepts, people.But i look closely at the western world im bred from. My fellow youth, my brothers, my sisters, my lovers, my friends, my enemies, my acquaintances and all the rest. Why has it all come down to this?I guess if we mixed all the vibrant and beautiful colors together wed be naive to suspect a more radiant color, the usual result is brown. An unpleasing, ordinary and unwanted brown.Now yes, im a child of post-modernism. Yes that ugly looking sculpture m… [more]


  • Peace in the roaring of machines & gratitude in instant coffee

    Posted on: July 11th, 2011 at 2:08AM

    Ive lived here in this place 6 months, seventeen days.  I have lived in fits of thunderous fury and wept in tears of hatred.i have come confused and in demand of answers to all of my unanswered questions. I found the truth and i let him plow my hate ridden, pain driven soil.I cried out in pain and he fed me the milk of love & grace. An infant to the truth, a sinner to bear the first glance of  the glorious cross that conceals from the naked eye, the beauty that is unlocked by the naked heart. That purifies the naked bare soul, that holds equally wrapped in thorns like the head of  Christ, Immanuel.Like an infant from the womb that swaps fluid for pure voluminous air, i breathe in the life he… [more]


  • My Unforgiven Dreams

    Posted on: July 24th, 2011 at 6:07PM

    in the late darkness, in the midnight hour i whisper my hurts, my dreams, my fears and my painful nature to the father heart of God,I give my soft, weak yet powerful battle cries to the son of man, the son to stand before all sons and guide his sisters and brothers of the father,I close my eyes in sighs of soft relief and grace as the paper sings back to me 'he understands the nature of men'. I soak the words in, inhale the lifelong words and breathe, eat humbly and gratefully the bread of life.Warmed in the fusion of heat and the overpowering love of grace, in a world so far fallen, the hanging hope sends me into peaceful slumber. On the tip of my tongue a difficult and anticipating prayer.… [more]