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I Loved Someone That Didn't Love Me

I Still Love Him I have been involved with this guy for about 4 year's i love him sooo much . It hurts me that i allowed myself to fall for this guy ! I have let him ruin almost all of my relationships , why ? i have... [more]
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  • I Am Currently Pregnant And A Teenager

    Im Bout Too Have A Baby ! Im kind of nervous im going to be 17 with a child . Im pregnant i have told my mom , father of the child and family - Now what ???… [more]
  • I Am Currently Pregnant And A Teenager

    Nerves I was 16 , when i had my positive pregnant test - i was so shocked i knew i wasnt on birth control at the time but i was still surprised that this happen to me . Im due in December and i feel like i r… [more]
  • I Want to Find My Soulmate

    Confused I have always wanted to live the fairy-tale life style , with the wedding , kids , house and cars . Most of fall the man that i would be head over heels for and he would feel the same for me . I know … [more]
  • I Am Going To Be A Teen Mom

    Mommy2be I am young but im about to have a child . Im still getting used to the idea that im about to have this baby . I feel like age doesnt matter its all about you mentality and your maturity . I have gotte… [more]