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want's to talk to a decent, caring, smart, woman who is insanely freaky ;)

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I Accedentaly Had Amazing Sex

Accidental One Night Stand so i met this girl online a few days ago... and she was AMAAAAZZING she lives about 40 miles away, and i told her that i'd drive up to see her... but she insisted on meeting in the middle... [more]
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  • I Love Intimacy

    So There's This Girl that i've known for years. we met through my stepsister, formerly her best friend. she's had some rough sport in her life, and i've had some spots in my just rough enough to "get what she… [more]
  • I Like Sex With No Strings Attached

    Ahhh The Bible Belt it's probably more fair to say i WOULD like sex with no strings attached. the problem is that i don't want to get into the habit of ******* people i don't at least like, other than when i'm in h… [more]
  • I Show Respect To The Women On Ep Who Have Posted Nude Pics

    Come On Guys.... Really. i mean, the fact is that this is supposed to be about expressing ourselves in ways that we might not be ok with doing in our day to day lives and for some people, that expression is a … [more]
  • I Love Cream Pie

    Confusion? i'm a lover of pie, especially those filled with cream...they're rather tasty.. but what kinda cream filled pie are we talking about...? Boston? cherry? blueberry? i cou… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    i've cut of contact with my mother for almost 2 years
    my mother and in don't speak at all. she hopped from one debeat abusive drunk to another, and drug me along for the ride. on hubby number three she had a brilliant epiphany and realized that her marriage was ****, and to fix it she "need time without my added stress" and besides i was disrespectful and rude... so off to a boys home i went... when i didn't want to come back, she played the hurt mother routine and back i came. **** was the same.things got progressively more tense, everyone was always in a fight, she, her husband, and i were always at each others throat and when we got into an argument and she said  tried the "i'll kick you out and nobody else will put up with you" thing, i lef… [more]