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I'm 25, my birthday is September 18th. I live in Virginia and just finished my nursing degree this past May! 5 long years of college might I add :) I'm also a licensed pharmacy technician, hoping to start my Master's soon! I'm pretty laid back and love piercings and tattoos. I'm open to advice and listening. I am happy with myself, and even though I get knocked down, I somehow manage to get it back together. I've come along way and I refuse to have anything taken from me. I'm very open still and always looking for new friends! Get to know me!

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Books I like suspense novels and fantasy. I enjoy being in a make believe world temporarily and forgetting reality :) I also enjoy Patricia Cornwell and John Grisham
Music I love all music, everything from classical to heavy metal.
Movies I love comedy and horror films. Chick flicks are okay sometimes :)
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Nurses... I admire them so much, I became one. I just took my state boards a few hours ago and pray that my dream has finally come true and I will be the nurse I have always wanted to be! For all those other... [more]
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    Posted on: March 12th, 2010 at 8:17PM

    Even though I think about you all the time, you do not see me I am there to comfort you at all times In your heart you have all of our good times But where do they go? I have put up with all of your selfish endeavors I have watched you cry and you have watched me I have confessed my never ending dedication to you Yet I am merely invisible I ask you to listen and be patient You tell me you don't care and you're leaving I ask you to not to leave But you're already gone I'm waiting for when the day will come When you notice who I am and what I am Will it be too late? Can you ever change? So if I'm gone when you wake up, don't ask why Don't look back at this time I… [more]


  • I'm back from the dead!

    Posted on: November 9th, 2010 at 9:02AM

    Hey everybody! I know I have dropped off the face of the earth for a quite some time. But I do have good news for once, Drew and I are OVER! And honestly, thank God! He had cheated on me and was just not right for me. On a happpier note, I have moved on head strong and more motivated than ever! I finally graduate with my 5 year degree in Nursing and Health Promotions May 14th!!! I can hardly wait. I am passing all my nursing courses with flying colors!!! I have kind of lost touch but my semester is almost over and I have been swarmed with work. But to all my friends/supporters/fans out there, I am still alive and doing well! I hope all my friends out there are the doing the same! And take it… [more]