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I Have a Confession

I woke up a right moody ***** after my 1 hour sleep last night. [more]
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  • I Lost Someone to a Heroin Overdose

    Why Did I Do It? i went out with a group of mates about 4 of us in total,  we all got wasted and high on herion and some other stuff .i cant really remember what happened but i can remember dave was dri… [more]
  • I Was a Teen Run Away

    Wanding Where They Are When I was two years old my parents upped and moved leaving me behind. Luckily I don't remember this. I never seen or heard from them again,luckily after a week 1of the neighbours heard me crying no… [more]
  • I Am a Drug Addict

    I Don't Know When I Will Be Home. I'm sat here counting the lose change from my pockets, I hear the sound of coins falling onto the table....thud,thud,thud, I know any miniute you will be home, I know I have to leave soon if I want to… [more]
  • I Write My Own Songs and Poems

    Not Here, Not Now   this is a song a wrote about two weeks ago, its a slow song, its only short but i think it gets a message across, its about a mate of mine, not finshed yet still need to sort some… [more]