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I Like to Write Erotic Stories

The Lovely Girl There's always been something about swanky hotel bars that has intrigued me. Maybe it’s because of the class associated with them. Maybe it's the piano player in a tux operating with the... [more]
  • I Think Fathers Are Important

    I Think I'm Aging Well At 34 I am not at all over the hill. But I'm not going to star in a Twilight movie anytime soon either. I'm a former baseball player, 5'8" and 180lbs and I still have some evidence… [more]
  • Friends Confessions

    My friend is getting a divorce and I don't feel that badly for him
    I have a friend since high school that I have been close with for a long time and we had a falling out about 18 months ago due to his brother being a complete douchebag.  I found out yesterday that he and his wife are divorcing.  When I found out I was surprised to hear it but I wasn't shocked.  I mean, I could see it coming because he is very domineering, controlling and tries to force his authority on people which is ultimately why we grew apart.  I sent him a text message letting him know I heard and that I'm here for him if he'd like to hang out and talk about what happened with him and his wife and he was appreciative and I will probably see him this week.But I don't feel bad for him an… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    I take fantasy football too seriously
    "Fantasy football is Dungeons and Dragons for the guys who used to kick my *** in high school for playing Dungeons and Dragons." - AnonymousI've been playing fantasy football for close to 10 years now and for some reason I take it as an opportunity to live out my unfulfilled professional championship possibilities.Yesterday I got into a heated argument with someone else over etiquette when it comes to trades and counter offers.  It resulted in the person threatening to quit the league and calling into question my integrity.Is that one of the dumbest reasons to get into an argument with someone over that I can think of?  Yes.  Is it petty?  Absolutely.  Will it happen again a dozen times over… [more]