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I Think I Am Growing Up

Being a 24 year old, It is like I am on a see-saw. Right in the middle between Adulthood and Young Adulthood. As a child, I always dreamed of being grown up and having my own place and car. A job just... [more]
  • I Have Wasted So Much Of My Life

    I Will Do It Tomorrow Tomorrow comes and the day goes by. I on the other hand is lying in my bed. Pretty much stay alone in my room and sleep my days a way like a bear in hibernation. Do I like doing this? not at all. Do I… [more]
  • I Want You To Take Part In The 30 Days Song Challenge

    Day One So I randomly saw this group and was like, "Awesome" LOL so I decided to start today with this challenge and for day one I chose "I hope she cheats on you [with a basketball player] by Marsha Ambro… [more]
  • I Listen to the Same Song Over and Over

    Black Jesus Amen Fashion When Lady Gaga made her Born This Way Album I noticed one song on there. Black Jesus Amen Fashion. Heard the song one time through. Repeat, repeat, repeat. days went into weeks weeks went into months.… [more]
  • I The 100 Question Purity Test

    You Are 45% Pure That sounds about right so close to half good half bad but the evil side feels way better :) it pulls you in...… [more]