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I Am In Model United Nations

First Conference I participated in my very first Model United Nations conference ever last Friday. It was probably one of the coolest things I have ever done. I participated in the 12th annual BosMUN... [more]
  • I Love Ctfxc

    On April 8, 2014, Charles announced that he and Alli were getting divorced. Technically he said "separated", but later on in the video he said that he and Alli would try to remain friends… [more]
  • I Hate My Brother Sometimes

    He Has Crossed The Line There have been many times where I thought I officially hated my brother, but what happened this morning definitely settles it. He has crossed the line and I am pissed. My mother is curre… [more]
  • I Hate My Brother's Girlfriend

    My Brother Has The Worst Taste In Women My brother Chris has been going out with his girlfriend Kalote (whom I call "Kalua") for about three weeks now. I am a freshman in high school and Chris is a junior. I've known Kalote/Kalu… [more]
  • I Hate My Teacher

    Her Name Is Mrs. Twatwieser Okay, not really. Her name is really Mrs. Schratwieser, but I hate her so much I call her Twatwieser. She is the worst teacher I have ever had. She's my 9th grade Honors Integrated Scienc… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    I Made My Mother Cry...
    ...and I never apologized.It was stupid. I was like, 11, and we were on vacation in Las Vegas. It was supposed to be a fun trip.My mother has always had a strained relationship with her mother because her mother has financial problems (she's a compulsive buyer). I made a comment about how I liked my father's side of the family better because I hated hearing my mother complain about her mother and I never liked how they would argue.Well, it made my mother cry, and I can still remember her saying, clear as day, "You know, that really hurts,"I've never apologized because I felt too ashamed to do it. I still feel terrible about it. I want to apologize, but at the same time I don't want to remind… [more]
  • Family Confessions

    To My Big Brother
    Our relationship is...complicated.Sometimes I can't stand you. Sometimes I wish you'd get hit by a truck so I'd never have to see your face again. Sometimes I want to punch you in the face and kick you in the balls.But sometimes it's fun to have you around. You make me laugh with the stupid faces and noises you make. You comforted me when I was sad or scared and held me when I cried (that one time in 3rd grade...looking back at it now I am terribly embarrassed...). You protect me from harm and ridicule...even though it seems like you're doing the opposite.I may not say it often, and hell, I know you don't, but I love you. I love you in that sibling way...that familial way, you know?There may… [more]
  • September 2, 2013: Day 187

    Posted on: September 2nd, 2013 at 10:39PM

    IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!Bet you didn't see that coming...!But yes, today is my birthday. I am officially 15 years old. I have been alive for a decade and a half. In six months, I will finally be able to start learning how to drive.To celebrate this glorious occasion, I had a little birthday party. Nothing special (usually only my mom's side of the family comes over because they live just a few towns away), though this time I invited Sicile and another friend over (we'll just call her DJ). For presents I got some money, a tube of Burt's Bee's lip balm with mango butter, a shirt, handkerchief with the British flag on it, and a two pound coin from my cousin, a 50$ GameStop giftcard, chocolates fi… [more]


  • January 18, 2014: Day 325

    Posted on: January 18th, 2014 at 10:29PM

    I think I'm getting sick again.Either that or it's some random allergies, considering this just happened last night. Right now I have a stuffy nose, though only my left nostril is plugged up. I had a sore throat this morning, but only on the left side, so I figured it was post nasal drip. I really hope I'm not getting sick...Anyway, I finally charged my iPod last night after not charging it for probably a month or more. I wanted to listen to music last night as I went to sleep, but for some reason it wouldn't connect me to YouTube. I figured I would try it again today, so I did, and got the same results.I did a little researching...turns out my iPod reset the date and time to December 31, 19… [more]


  • October 27, 2013: Day 242

    Posted on: October 27th, 2013 at 10:35PM

    Group theatre auditions are tomorrow, and I'm kind of sort of freaking out. Oh, did I mention I'm doing theatre? Well, I am, in case you didn't know. I've never done anything theatre related. Also I just realized that I spell theatre like "theatre" and not "theater". It just looks more natural the first way.  But yeah. I decided to try out theatre. And now the group auditions are tomorrow, which you have to do if you want to have a private audition on Tuesday or Wednesday. Casting will be posted on Friday. Maybe I'll actually get a part?! But if I do...what happens if I don't necessarily want it? I've never done theatre in my life. I'm terrible with talking in front of people. I have the wor… [more]


  • July 20, 2013: Day 144

    Posted on: July 21st, 2013 at 1:24AM

    Holy **** I came this close *holds thumb and index finger super close to each other* from deleting my blog. This close. I don't even know why I was going to delete it, really. I promised myself 143 days ago that I would do this for an entire year, no matter what. And here I am, 143 days later, seconds away from typing in my password and permanently deleting my blog. I would've regretted it. I know I would've. And yet I still would've went through with it if I had not gone back to look at the last blog I had written and realized that I didn't want to give this up. I swear, it's just the tiredness talking. I always want to quit doing something when I'm tired. Like Select Chorus. Every Wednesda… [more]