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I Will Tell You 10 Things About Me

1. My passion is the planet. The many cultures, the mountains, volcano's, weather transformation, the sea, just everything. It's special. I want to visit every single country before i die. 2. I... [more]
Ryanholmes20375 has shared 2 Mature Experiences
  • I Hate Cocky People

    So, i just got a message from a woman who added me a few days back, the message reads: 'Why haven't you messaged me yet? I'm really pretty and have been waiting 2 days for you to message me, am i not … [more]
  • I Am For the Death Penalty

    I think it's appropriate. Especially for murderers and rapists, I'm allowed an opinion.… [more]
  • I Hate Fake People

    Got another one for you guys! 3rd one now. There's a 'girl' called 'gurlnextdoor94'. Very pretty picture of a girl, then i asked for proof if 'she' was real, i then got 2 pictures of 2 separate women!… [more]
  • I Look Younger Than I Am

    'Awww you're so cute in them little glasses and your baby face, you look about 15!' I'M 20 YEARS OLD YOU FOOL. P.s. ladies, calling a guy cute is a bad thing, top tip there.… [more]