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I am weird, I will make you feel awkward... I dont try it just happens, guarantee it! No money back guaranteed! hahaha

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I Write Poetry

Under this suppression fighting off depression this drowning can it get any more deep? I don't know what to say, when the trees begin their sway all these thoughts they begin to seep. I... [more]
S33K3R has shared 4 Mature Experiences
  • I Am Socially Isolated

    I Know Why..... My name is Chantel, sigh I am new here. I am an attractive girl who has rejected society, or society has rejected me?... it doesnt really matter.. I am highly self aware and always have been, this has… [more]
  • I Want Ego Death

    Ego Death...... LMAO this group is divided.... I want is a phraze of the ego, then after it says ego death.... so the ego hides in the background still controlling everything because it has convinced you that YOU wan… [more]
  • I Would Like to Experience Dmt

    Would Like To Psshhhh! I have done it hahaha definately a special experience. I made it past the veil the first time, none of my friends did..... I opened my eyes during the trip and saw a massive light hole sucking reality… [more]
  • I Want An Outdoor Shower

    That Would Be Sooooo Cool! I would love to have an outdoor shower! I also saw a cool way to have the bottom of your shower be round pebbles and then put the drain under the pebbles how freakin cool is that!!!!! AHHH I cant stan… [more]