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Do not message me with 'Hey, whats up","Hey cutie",""Hi sexy","how are you" or any variation of this. If you want to have a conversation with me, just start the conversation. Skip the small talk. Before you send me ANY message.... Can you carry on an intelligent conversation? Can you speak in sentences more than 2 words long? Are you not afraid to say or ask anything that is on your mind? Do you know how to have an interesting conversation? Do you know how to talk about more than just sex? Do you turn and run as soon as someone says something you find uncomfortable or that you think is strange? Can you entertain just about any topic of conversation? Do you know how to use your imagination? Do you know how to make me feel special? Can you think outside the box? Are you a fun person? Do you actually have a photo of yourself on your profile? If you are a desperate weird creep, please don't message me or ask to be friends. Just know that your first message to me will determine whether i friend you or even ever write you back........................................

Ever find yourself bored and wanting to have a conversation? It dont matter how serious or personal or strange or random or silly or off the wall it is, if it comes to min d and you wanna see what someoneelse thinks or you just wanna ask me a question go right ahead and say it. anything....except I dont cyber.

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    I got naughty in a hotel...
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