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Hi,my name is cassie. I am a country girl with a big heart, i dont have much luck with relationships. I always seems to let the bad people in and push the good away. I am 5'2, i have a few extra pounds but i love my curves. I dont care what you think about my size. My personality is one of a kind. Im not afraid to voice my opinion i want a man that lets me stand beside him not infront of or behind him. I am a honest,hard working, responsible, young woman. I do, believe in GOD! I try to help someone every chance i get, and give it my 100% effort.My life isnt perfect but i wouldnt change anything :)

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I Have a Confession

Well when my mother was 18 she hooked up with this guy his name was Scotty. Scotty had a history of violence but mom let it slide. Well by the age 19 mom was pregnant with me,yay... [more]
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  • I Am Building This Wall Around My Heart

    You Call It "hiding",i Call It "protection". Sometimes we build walls not to keep people out,but to see who cares enough to knock them down.You may say that Im hiding i say im protecting my heart,for it has been broke way too many times be… [more]
  • I Am Not Needed

    Me,needed? Naw Just Here To Be Here. Im not needed im just here to be seen,nobody ever wants me for anything or needs someone like me. Their just waisting there time. I can be in a crowd and no one would ever even notice me, why?,i… [more]
  • I Would Never Have a One Night Stand

    One Night Stand,no Way!! Would i ever have a one night stand? NO, i wouldnt have a one night stand.People are suppose to be in relationships to find love,not lust, but many people fail miserably. I cant and wont h… [more]
  • I Want Someone To Call Or Text Me 1st

    Text Me:) Anyone who cares what im doing will text me first instead of me texting them. that just proves that they are thinking of me.:) which i totally enjoy… [more]
  • If i tell you i love you,can i keep you forever????

    Posted on: November 28th, 2010 at 7:16PM

    I have had so much heart ache and been put through so much pain im use to it. Well theses last 2 months i have done nothing but fall head over heals for this guy.I have been with other guys but not like him. I had my walls built but he tore them down to find the real me,he told me not to be scared,to trust him.I watched as he tore down the wall i had built around my heart. The feelings i have for him will not change and everytime i think about him i get these butterflies out of this world,he is amazing,loyal,compassionate,caring,understanding,and in my eyes the most handsome man i know. I trust him 100%,i love him with everything i have, so i ask you this if i tell you i love you,can i keep … [more]


  • Why do i let you back in my heart when i know what you'll do to it.?

    Posted on: June 17th, 2010 at 10:46PM

    Have you ever thought you knew what you wanted? Well i did, and i screwed up. I thought i loved you still and i thought that you loved me back. We have been friends for way to long and i dont want to risk it, but i have and ive put it on the line. I wnated things to be different i wanted to be happy. I wanted you but as i have realized here lately i dont know myself as well as i thought i did. I tore down the walls around my heart just to let you in what did you do, you come in and tore the last bit of feelings i had. I know it may sound selfish but i wanted you to myself till i realized i was just another girl with another with a another heart that you only wanted to break. well congradulat… [more]


  • My last time??

    Posted on: October 7th, 2010 at 7:59PM

    Darkness comes and darkness goes Where my mind is, nobody knows. Times are rough and times are hard, my mirror broke, i picked up a shard. My thoughts are crazy, my thoughts are wild, it was even hard to be happy when i was a child. I feel like crap, i really feel bad, Ran my fingers along the shard that i had. Blood comes out, and drips bright red, Dont you wish you knew what was going through my head?. Feel like cutting,wanting to cry, Feel the pain, dont wanna die. Pull up my sleeves, where the scars once were, its my shoulder that i prefer. They dont know and they dont really care, Thery're the ones that make me wanna go there, Put it to my shoulder,then change my mind. What would happe… [more]


  • He took my innocence away leaving a hollow shell

    Posted on: August 19th, 2011 at 5:41PM

    I am posting this blog because i have been feeling a lot of guilt an shame. I was raped on july 14, 5 days before my birthday. Id never had sex but one he took my virginity i felt hollow an dirty. We started out as friends and then we went out for lunch. we were layed back looking at the clouds making shapes out of them, when he got ontop of me. He got ontop of me and held me down and i said no, please stop, no. He kept going and ive never felt so alone or helpless in my life. After it was over he brought me home n he left. The next day he text me an told me i was a dirty ***** an that he didnt want to be friends anymore. So we stopped talking but he texts out of the blue an gets mad if im w… [more]