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I am a single mother raising a very spirited active girl. I am currently enrolled in the field of law and already had experience working in the social work sector. I love to socialize prefer face to face but getting accustomed to online as well.

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I A Single Mom

I Am A Single Mother On The Path To Receiving A Diploma I would like to say that I am able to go to school and do this all on my own, but reality is I was working before getting pregnant, long story short my daughters father and I had a bad break up, or... [more]
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    Watching children who have fathers, and women who have partners can sadden me!
    Being a single mother, I just got off facebook and there was a video of a friend who is a happy relationship with her boyfriend and they just had their first child. their video they are laughing, and the flow of fun is so easy going and not masking some false love. I found myself pained a bit, not angry, more jealous a bit and I realized that I thought I did everything in my power to not end up a statistic with a baby daddy and a child. Yet here I am, with a man who by all accounts works in a professional world, is 47 with his first kid, and having to take him to court after a bitter break up 15 months ago that lead him to become so hostile he refuses to talk, even to see his daughter. How d… [more]