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  • I Live In San Francisco

    I Just Moved To Sf And Got Robbed I was wandering around Westfield mall after doing some early morning shopping, and feeling pretty good cus I had gotten lots of good deals during the day. I went inside the washroom and … [more]
  • I Am A Real Werebear

    The OG Recognize. True bears are hard to come by. Cus you know what, it's not easy being a real bear in the streets. It takes dedication, skill, and periods of heavy shedding (spring) so not eve… [more]
  • I Epdevtestgroup

    Testing Comment Loading This **** better work!!! Cus imma live dat thug life and ain't no body gon take me down cus i'm the OG ******* yall better recognize i run dis town and all u bitces gona suck it… [more]
  • I Want to Travel

    I Want To Go To The Amazon I think it'd be really cool to visit somewhere totally exotic!! Unfortunately, it also feels too dangerous to visit. Anyone ever been before?… [more]