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I Am a Girl Gamer

I Love Vidoe Games And Computer Games. I will play any good game haveing to do with fighting or something fun to play.ive been gameing ever scents i was seven years old even then i was oppsessed and i still am XD [more]
  • I Believe In Reincarnation

    I Remember I reamber my past life i used to life in the 1800s. I reamber it deeply and i dwel on it alot i know its true because i reserched things and i fond **** i couldnt have known...In this life i litterly … [more]
  • I Live With Autism

    I Have Autism I have HFA autism i love what i have and i hate it.But i also find what i have intoresting so i talk about it alot.I love anything involved with facts or medicule stuff.though i dont… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    Im happy to stand were i am
    Now alot of people dont understand me and what i love. Well ill tell you and call yourself lucky. You see i have a demonic guied He has been with me scents i was a child. We look out for eachoter even though its hard to look after a demon whos doing who knows what.But i make sure for him that my place is safe just me him and my familey. I know alot about the demon side and i know alot about the angelic side. But i picked this path with my own will.  you see some demons are evil and they will do scarey things. But some demons can be kind can be loveing. But there still demon so even if there kind you be on your toes.The only one i can trust fully is my guied and he knows this also.  I wouldnt… [more]