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I am calm at times 22 and single with neurofibromotics

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I Love Storms

I Love Storms I love storms. I love how the wind blows very hard, the thunder is cool, I love the sound of thunder, the sound and the look of the thunder, the smell off storms, I feel more of alive when there is a... [more]
  • I Starve Myself

    I Been Starving Myself I hate being fat, when I see other people there skinny. I been starving my self for a couple of days. I am trying. To get to 110 , I am 140, hoping I get there, I been making. My self think I'm fulll… [more]
  • I Have Neurofibromatosis

    Hi I Have Nf I was dionosed with nf when I was 2 months old. I have a tumor behind my left eye. On my optic. Nerve, I always had back. Problems. Assessts on my lower back, I. Also have a bump on my right arm. I c… [more]
  • I Want a Boyfriend

    I Want A Boyfriend Hio I'm am single an 22, if there isany older. Guys. Would like. To get to know u first … [more]
  • I Hate Being Touched

    Its Not A Bad Thing I always hated being touched, ever since I was a baby. I get very uptight if someone touches me .I just like to keep to my self. I get. Very. Uncomfortable also if they. Touch. … [more]