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I Can Relax When I Am In Nature

How to RelaxKnowing how to relax is vital for ensuring your health and well-being, as... [more]
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    I am a feminist
    I am a feminist and I believe men are born to serve women .… [more]
  • Love Confessions

    I believe in gender equality . I respect men who respects women .
    I am a feminist , I was a male hater and I used to punish men .But after joining EP , gathering the thoughts of many men and women , I agree neither gender is superior , it the individual behavior that can be categorized as inferior or superior .It takes me time to change my belief though and it is driven by circumstances . At the moment I feel all men are not looser's and Luckily I have punished only men who deserved so far .Having said thatI will continue to punish men who behaves wrongly towards women , doesn't respect them .And also if any men seeks pleasure by getting dominated by woman are always welcome . Its their choice .Rest I will fight for the equality for women ,the awareness of… [more]
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    I am proud of the way boys and girls are developing !!!
    Good Day to all my dear Friends . It was so wonderful to meet you all after quite some time . I missed you so much during the last couple of months !!! Now that I am back it’s a wonderful feeling .Last weekend I visited my club which I had started  and it was indeed an heartening sight to see . I just left the gals and the guys a lot of responsibility to take care ,practice and enhance the principles which I had set for what could be my dream project . I must say I was least disappointed and all the Girls and the boys performed a marvelous job .The ladies led from the front and took over from where I had left and that was a wonderful feeling after you comeback after a gap of two months .  No… [more]
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    I support men who are wrongly accused
    I support men who suffers not because of their mistakes .… [more]