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A writer of half middle-eastern origin. Hopelessly in love with life, fanatically interested in people, addicted to writing. I'm a chilli chocolate - sweet, exotic and mildly spicey.

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I Am Mixed Race

Mixed Race - A Heart And Mind Issue I am half Iranian. No one has any trouble with my appearance. It upsets me, however, that one mention of my country often stops a conversation or, worse still, gives rise to some of the... [more]
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  • I Love My Dog More Than Most People

    "I Love My Dog More Than Most People"... ...but that's only because most people haven't met my dog. Sorry. I couldn't resist that.… [more]
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    I'm pretty intolerant of apologies
    People throw the word 'sorry' around like waste paper. I can teach a parrot to say sorry - does that make it repentant? No. Saying sorry and being sorry are very different. People use the word sorry in the same way they use a stick-on plaster. You put it over a wound so you don't have to look at it anymore, hoping it will have healed itself when you rip the plaster off. Sure, saying sorry is a start, but that word is as much an apology as a sticking plaster is a surgeon. That's my thought for the day.… [more]