Male , 26-30
Feeling lonely
I just need good freind that I can talk to about every thing and that cares about the way I feel

I really need a good freind

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I Just Want to Talk to Someone

Thoughts Y is it so hard to find the right person in my life that I can trust and care about and know there not going to break me its getting to hard to keep puting my feeling on the line and getting the... [more]
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  • I Think Tattoos Are Sexxxy

    Tattoo Just got my new tattoo it took 6 hrs and I love it its a phynix down my left arm with smoke and looks so good :)… [more]
  • I Love Erotic Massages

    Just Me Been wanting to give some one a massage all day but not a sexual one just to help then relax and destress I know it sounds weirded but I'm just in that kind of mood… [more]
  • I Need Friends

    Happy I'm feeling so much better at the moment been talking and people helped me I'm really happy now I hope it last more than just 1 day… [more]