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The Deep The Dark And The Ugly Chapter one Crying from milton echos in this car. I close my eyes deep in worry. Such a lot has happened in 24 hours. I'm parked looking down the embankment to the hospital. I decide il ring my... [more]
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  • I Am Heart Broken

    In Love With A Sailor I have known him for a year and a half and we have been dating on and off ever since this. At the beginning things were very good. When we met i was living with my x boyfriend but things… [more]
  • I Have Trouble Letting Go

    29 Weeks 6 Days Pregant Im so angry with that idiot. Camerons been saying hed planned his leave for the birth of our son form the 27 of april for a month. This was even brought up in a argument as a good thing he had ar… [more]
  • I Love Black and White Photography

    33 Weeks Pregnant im 33 weeks pregnant today. iv heard nothing off him but i guess thats fine, he wants it this way he can have it. im empty of thoughts, empty of actions. last night i was so angry. the hatred build al… [more]
  • I Have a Broken Heart

    Why He Left last night i had a letter posted through my door on behalf of my ex boyfriend wrote by his mother explaining his departure. He needs Time to get over his broken heart. So he left me to get over his br… [more]
  • after the weekend

    Posted on: May 16th, 2010 at 2:45PM

    Life is allways changing and reforming into something new. One day you wake up and everythings not how u planned. Everything is wrong and you find more people have a bad impression of you then those who see the good. Im living in a home i created with a x. I may be pregnant to my current on and off boyfriend. Hes away and im alone. My friends have all moved away. My career has come to a hault. My current boyfriend is more interested in me keeping this baby and him being a dad than my feeling and my emotional well being. Over the past few days hes made my life hell repeating how much he doesnt want me over and over again and i kept going back or more. If i choose to say in this house and … [more]


  • Distance

    Posted on: June 4th, 2010 at 6:47AM

    All the problems in my life come from my relationships. I am beginning to feel i will never have a good relationship with anyone. I find myself getting upset with things that normally i would not. I feel them build upon myself like a fallen house in a earth quake. This man does not listen to my cry's as i ask him for the simple thing as company. The next few days followed with texts and arguments on the phone which basically brought our relationship to a stand still. I asked cameron to see me i really wanted to patch things up. He was later than planned which really was not like him. He got dropped of at my house and came upstaires to my bedroom where i was sitting on the bed. I could see in… [more]


  • goodbye sailor

    Posted on: January 16th, 2011 at 12:18PM

    At the moment my relationship with the sailor has become a total mess we have been sucked into a heap of emotions. My heart sometimes feels that it could burst with love for him. Then other times i hate what this man does. I do lie a lot to him about my life. My x bf has never really left my life. This would kill my sailor to know this but he has not and i don't think he ever will. i don't think the sailor can offer me what i need, but neither can my x.… [more]