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I Discipline My Children

My Son Gets Paddled, First Time At Age 10...He Needed It... And Got It Bare-Bottom And Over My Knee!! David gets his first real paddling... David got a good, bare-bottom and over–the-knee paddling at age 10. The paddle was a gift-shop purchase and had some silly wording on it... [more]
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  • I Am Looking Forward To My First Gay Experience

    Best Experience At 15 With 14 Year Old Friend Super, super unexpected and one of the best sex ever had. Jon and I both were extraordinary lookin teens. Long story short: went swimming in our speedos at resort hotel in Florida. Back in the room … [more]
  • I Was Paddled

    Saturday Paddling By My 7th Grade Teacher... I was 12. He was my 7th grade teacher. A nice guy really. He would give me a solid spanking when he discovered I'd stolen one of the school typewriters. I obediently returned the typewrite… [more]
  • I Discipline My Children

    Paddled 12 Year Old Nephew For Smoking. He Needed It, But Did He Deserve It? When Andy needed a spanking I retrieved the small, novelty-store, slapper-paddle from the kitchen drawer. His mouth would be agape and he shook his head…no! He knew once I had the “slapper” in… [more]
  • I Discipline My Children

    Paddled My 10 Year Old Nephew; He Deserved And Needed It.   If a boy ever needed a good paddling this was it… (and I dare you to tell me I was wrong) Jay dumped a gallon of cold water over his little sister’s head. Mary was si… [more]