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I Love Reading and Writing

When reading , I get caught in the moment, I become part of that book... I feel the excitement, the pain and the anger of each and every character in that book... It is like my starting... [more]
  • I Am Not As Innocent As People Think I Am

    People look at my face and say, you are such an innocent girl, you look so sweet and nice.... But can we judge a book by its cover, never.... "I may look innocent, but have you ever consi… [more]
  • I Am a Day Dreamer

    I would sit in a crowd and my mind just slips away.... I then get caught up in this fantasy , as if I am really there.. I would invent my own story and start smiling with myself... Someti… [more]
  • Other Confessions

    Miserable me
    I am a lonely sad girl... i feel the world is against me.. Everything seems to go wrong in my life, but hell i still keep a smile on my face. I wake up everyday feeling like "cant the day just end already". I have always been this optimistic person and now i have turned into a real pessimist... My friend says i am a very strong person, but i just feel like giving up hope.. i really do, but i guess i still have a little optimism left inside me, cause even though i feel so down and people keep using me and pretending that they care... i go like "one day i will be happy" .. i have been saying it the past 10 years , but i guess i still cling to that hope even though i feel so miserable inside...… [more]