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I Like a Good Quote

2012 this year was one of the most remembered year of any living being in this earth this years lots of good things and bad things happened from massacres to presidental elections to celebrations. 2012 had... [more]
  • I Would Rather Have A Peaceful World

    Our Current World we are all fighting a contaigouse disease called people death...lots of people are being killed every minute from assaults to capturing to prisoning all of them indicates that our world is going into … [more]
  • I Like a Good Quote

    Will Power "I will get up","I will fight" and more and more......all of these are called will power it's the power that should be inside each of us. How about we all say "we will help people around the world" or… [more]
  • I Would Rather Have A Peaceful World

    When You Are Down It Means Don't Give Up Because U Will Rise Again Lots of people say I'm down but just because you are down that doesn't mean that you give up it means u have to gain your strength and fight your way up. For kids it's when they get bad marks and for … [more]
  • I Like to Read

    Tble Tennis table tennis is a sport which is firstly played by the british people 200 years ago Until today table tennis is being played all over the world. It became an Olympic sport. Table tennis is now m… [more]