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I Undress In Front of Windows

Watched Through The Window As I Was Beaten. When I'm in my room at home, I'm often naked and the curtains are wide open, especially at night when the light is switched on.  It gives me such a thrill to think that someone might be watching me... [more]
SarahRabea has shared 103 Mature Experiences
  • I Received A Bedtime Spanking

    Bedtime Spanking By Mum And Dad Mum and Dad beat me, since I'm 6th. I get spankings before I'm going to bed, always with pajamas bottoms down and otk. Most of the times I get spanked by mum and some times by my dad. I'm … [more]
  • I Had A Humiliating Experience

    Embarrassed And Shamed At The Beach As a child I was often to nude beaches with my parents. When I was 12, one day I was late for lunch. In front of my friends got reprimanded for it. When I contradict to my parents and got rude to them… [more]
  • I Like to Be Barefoot

    I Love Barefoot At home I'm always barefoot, but I'm also happy to be barefoot outdoors, preferably on the beach. I also I put my shoes off when I dance quite often.It's just a good feeling the ground und… [more]
  • I Love the Ocean

    I Love The The Sound Of Waves I am happy at the ocean. Sometimes at night I sit on the beach and watch the waves. I like the sound of waves and the wind that sweeps me gently through the hair. But I also like the storm that almost… [more]