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I Remember The First Time I ***********

Thought I Was Dying! I remember the first time I did, I was in the bathroom at home. Friends had talked about it before and I was really curious about it. Id sort of stroked myself lightly before but Id always stopped cos... [more]
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  • I Masturbated In School

    Well I Did So I May As Well Share! Well Ive said I ********** at home, so I may as well add other places lol I used to do it at school on occasion, it came from being bored in class and thinking about sex and other stuff. … [more]
  • I Have Strict Parents

    Theyre A Pain! Sometimes they can be really strict with me over nothing. I still live at home which doesnt help I guess, but I cant move out while Im at college. I still get treated like Im 10 by them both. I … [more]
  • I Used to Wet the Bed

    I Used To Wow, its not until you see these groups that you remember things from when you were younger! I havent thought about this in years, but yeh I used to wet my bed right up until leaving primary school at… [more]
  • I Have a Dog

    My Newfie! Well, this isnt exactly a story! But I have a lovely dog, he's a huge Newfwoundland cross, and I love him to bits!!! Dogs are better than humans, nuff said!… [more]