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I Have Multiple Personality Disorder

My Root I'm sobbing as I write this, but I finally got my first alter to tell me what happened. I was raped by my cousin at age 5. She won't tell me anything other than that. But my subconcious is bringing... [more]
  • I Was Raped and Feel Scared All the Time

    My Cousin When I was 5, I went to my great-grandmother's house at the beach. I loved it there, and my cousin always came along. My cousin was 7 at the time. Now, all I remember is that she took me to the bathro… [more]
  • I Had a Teacher Make Me Cry

    My Science Teacher This year, I have the foul luck of getting the worst teacher at the school. Lets call her Mrs.S. Well, whenever I'm in her room, I feel like screaming at her. We are in the second quarter and I feel l… [more]
  • I Have Dissociative Identity Disorder

    My Alters And I Well, I feel like sharing my alters with y'all sooo here I go. Emily (Me) ~ Plays saxophone, has depression, early teens Jenette (Hate-full) ~ Hates everyone and everything, yells at me i… [more]
  • I Have Multiple Personality Disorder

    Conflicted, Confused, And Broken I feel so confused about my mpd. I have 3 different alters, and they fight constantly. I have a friend who's going through the same thing, but he has around 20. Angela, the depressed one, is constantl… [more]