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I Believe I Have A 6th Sense

I Am Completely Confused Of What I Am Or What I Can Do. So it all started out with a dream that said i was special. After that i started to be able to feel energy and transfer energy. Then i started to see this older women. I later found out that she is my... [more]
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  • I Can Read Peoples Energy Vibes

    Is This Normal? I can read energies of the living and the dead. I have two different feelings for then. the one is a tingling on  my back but only on the side that the spirit is on, and second i feel like i have… [more]
  • I Like Reading and Writing

    I Love Writing I am writing a book that i want to be amazing, i dont know how im going to get published though. i would put my idea for the book on here but im afraid someone could steal my idea. But my friends tell… [more]
  • I Can See Into The Future

    I Can See What Will Happen i have noticed i have been able to know what people will say before they say it. I know when someone will do something before they even do it. It scares me because no one beleives me. And its hard to … [more]